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Cello cases differs in a way of creation and used materials.

Breakdown by used raw materials is similar for every instrument and you can see it in

A cellist making a decision on buying a proper case for cello has to think about a lot of factors, but the most important is its weight.
Cello is as big instrument that choosing good packaging can be a bit tricky. As big container that should also protect from mechanical damages has to be heavy. Also when it’s needed to carry big but delicate instrument inside of a heavy case it might be a huge problem.
In our offer of cello cases we tried to indicate only light and lighter ones. Those really heavy we ignore. While chosing a cello case you should also remember about very important factor – proper thermal insulation.

We hope that you will find perfect case for your needs in our offer.

cello case Talen
(expanded polystyrene)

cello case Vigo
(reinforced foam plastic)

cello case Resonat K
(fiberglass laminate)

cello case Resonat
(fiberglass laminate)

cello case Maior
(carbon fiber composite)

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